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ARTISAN expertise to enhance your own.

As a small business owner, professional owner/operator, or a highly compensated employee, you wear a number of different hats and carry varying expertise. What we have found is that most people like you lack the proper tools and time to optimize the financial operational side of their business. The advisor team at Artisan Capital Management can help provide additional expertise relating to financial/CFO services. Whether you are looking for assistance analyzing an acquisition or a sale of your business, restructuring employee benefits, getting additional return on capital, or looking for creative ways to optimize tax saving strategies, we have expertise in the items most important to you.

- 401k plans – Traditional/Roth
- Multi-Employer Plan (MEP) Retirement Plans
- Cash Balance Plans
- Back-door Roth IRAs
- Financial Planning as an employee benefit
- Corporate Owned Incentive Life Insurance
- Retainer/Hourly CFO Services

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